Čuvaj se

Čuvaj se  is my new non-profit/NGO supporting writers and students in communities effected by war and the international refugee/migration crisis.

You can find the web site here: Čuvaj se 

We have five projects running right now, which we are soliciting donations for and in the process of applying for grants to support.

Robsinson Sagar, Migration and Asylum Fundraiser:


The first project is assistance to a student seeking asylum from India. He is essentially a Dreamer, came to the United States at age 6 and has lived here ever since. Due to a maddening and frustrating immigration error, he was required to return back to India into desperate poverty. He is now seeking asylum in the United States, Canada, or Europe and is presently back in the US doing volunteer work. He needs assistance with living expenses as he waits for his asylum application to be processed.   I will send one or more of my books to you or the person/org of your choosing if you donate any amount to:  Robinson’s Emergency Fund

The second project we are seeking funds for is to support a school and rehabilitation center for disabled children in Zaporozhye, Ukraine. This is truly a remarkable group of students, teachers, and caregivers who have accomplished something really wonderful in their community by building from scratch.

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The third project we are funding is the cost of translation for the work of the writer, scholar, and poet Amila Kahrović Posavljak

One of the most important, fierce voices of resistance to Nationalism and authoritarianism in Bosnia-Herzegovina, her work deserves a wider audience, and we deserve the wisdom of her witness and experience as a survivor of the siege of Sarajevo and being a child prisoner in a concentration camp.

Her novel, Smrtova Djeca (“Death’s Children”) about coming of age during the immediate post-war years in Sarajevo is available at Buy Book.  In Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian.

Her book of poetry  won the Mak Dizdar Award and was published by Tacno in B/C/S and can be found here

amila so happy


We are also partnering with the TPO Foundation  in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina doing great work in the fields of education, capacity building, intercultural dialogue and domestic violence awareness and other feminist issues. Last summer we began workshops with educators in critical thinking, with long-term plans of starting a school for critical thinking in Sarajevo.


We will be exploring ways we can help TPO to offer more of these workshops in the future.

Lastly, Bosnia-Herzegovina has seen an explosion of exciting new voices on the literary and poetry scene. Led by a new generation of women and especially LGBTQ writers, there is a wave of new work being produced. But Bosnia-Herzegovina remains a traditional country and some of the old structures in publishing have not kept up with these changes, so many of these new voices are blocked from the usual modes of making a living, teaching, or publishing. Like in many publishing industries around the world, including in the US, patriarchy and sexism and heteronormative power structures cause barriers to this new talent being cultivated. We are interested in offering assistance to a new publishing house being started by translator Mirza Puric and poet, Selma Asotic. More details to follow soon.

If you are interested in any of these projects and want to know more information. Please email me at hsmithwdm@gmail.com.